Welcome! I am Chaobang (超邦). I write, and I seek to change this world. This blog covers a very wide range of themes, so whomever you might be, I hope you can find something interesting here.

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As the title suggests, much of this blog is devoted to travel writing. Right now this mostly concerns Japan, with a few articles on the United Kingdom, the Philippines and Guyana in there as well. In general I seek to thoroughly explore the history, culture and unique stories of every place I go to, and to consider some of the challenging questions that emerge.

I also have a great regard for long walks and contact with nature. There is a full section here on hiking in Japan covering many walking opportunities, mostly in the mountains near Tokyo. Most of these articles offer route guidance and information for anyone who wants to try these routes themselves.

But I do not wander this Earth for its own sake. There is a great deal of oppression, prejudice and miscellaneous unpleasantness that really should not exist. The society, politics and culture articles take an often critical look at issues such as war, peace, work, sustainability, nationalism and video games, among others. A more holistic and open-ended approach can be found in the humanity section.

More than anything else, my goal is that this becomes a world based on love. One ancient and terrible force appears to stand above all others against this goal. It divides a beautifully diverse human race into two blocs alien to and in conflict with each other, robs of mastery over its own sexuality, and brings out the very worst in us in prejudice and hostility against all who are seen as different. That force is gender, and I would see it brought to total defeat.

Gender is a massive topic, and the articles on it here are mostly early reflections on problems it causes or relates to. It is now my main concern, and I am collecting my more recent thinking on it into a book rather than posting it here. If you are particularly interested in this topic, please feel free to make contact with me directly.

For many of us, the toll of these nightmares becomes too great. There is a separate section here on pain whose contents relate to alienation, depression, suicide and mental health problems. There are some discussion articles here, as well as a fictional short story, but also a number of more direct and personal pieces written during a period of harrowing darkness. And my poems, a format I do not usually write in, emerge directly from pain and alienation, especially in the context of things gender has done to our world.

Though some of the pieces in these last sections are very personal, I have no hesitation to include them. It is my wish that those experiences will not be in vain: that their lessons might be drawn on to create a world where no-one has to ever go through such struggles again. To that end, I hope there is material here that can console the alienated; help people to better understand and support those who are journeying through their own hells; and remind us all that in a world gone mad, we must never allow ourselves to feel comfortably sure that we and our societies are sane.

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August 2016