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Narrow Rails to the Deep North: Hokkaido and Tohoku, 11-26 August 2012
A 10-part series on a voyage around Japan's north, packed with history, culture, politics, scenery and cute animals.

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On Suicide, or Suicidogenic Societies
A frank discussion of suicide, including why suicidal people are not selfish, why our societies are largely responsible for it, and what we can do to address it.

A Broken Sexual Paradigm
On why our societies' lack of an informed, sober conversation on sexuality is destructive to us, and even more destructive to our children - and the need not for less sexuality but better sexuality.
On Pain - or, No, Happiness is Not a Choice
Pain changes people. As societies we have not been very good at understanding that.

Aomori City - Rassera, Rassera: The Story of the North
Part of a five-article series based on a journey around Aomori Prefecture at the north end of Japan. This one brings together many diverse and colourful threads of history in a region that once lay well outside the Japanese civilizational sphere.
Aizu - The Other Fukushima
A look at mountains, autumn forests, villages and rich local heritage in southern Aizu, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. A region with a proud identity and a distinct, sometimes tragic history.
Climbing Mount Fuji
An account of a night ascent up Japan's highest mountain, along with detailed information and guidance for anyone who wants to do it.

Broken Work
On why "work" no longer means what it should, and too often connotes ordeals no human should have to suffer.

Bristol - To Bear an Unbearable Burden
The tale of a bright, fresh city built on the most terrible of secrets, and the ever-painful challenge of coming to terms with the past without injustice to those in the present.

The Strange Case of Sex Segregation in Japanese Hot Springs
Separation of the sexes in Japanese onsen is often taken for granted. But in fact, men and women bathed together for hundreds of years, until only recently. Why did this change?

The Philippines - A Journey to Ifugao
A 5-article series on a voyage to Ifugao, the Philippines, exploring the unique and resilient indigenous rice terrace communities and the many things we might learn from them.

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The Struggle to Establish Sexual Diversity on the United Nations Agenda
A Master's-level thesis on the epic struggle to get sexual diversity concerns recognised in international politics: examining the heroes and villains of this saga, as well as its reflection of humanity's long, long struggle against exclusion more widely.

As the thesis itself has no pictures, here is a happy bear instead.

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